Exploring Methods for Embedding Certificates into PDF Files through Xano, Bubble, and Pipe Dream

The State Changers discussed a problem regarding embedding a certificate in a PDF file. After much deliberation, it was suggested to use Zano, but it was concluded that Zano might not have the functionality needed for efficient PDF manipulation. Bubble was proposed as an alternative, with the idea of creating a plugin to handle the task. Whether this should be done on the backend or frontend was debated. However, it was suggested that most custom Javascript, potentially needed for this solution, would be backend on Bubble. In addition to Bubble, Pipe Dream was recommended for its workflow capabilities, similar to Zapier and Make, but more code-centric, capable of loading custom node modules. Lastly, FastGen was briefly discussed as another workflow provider. Participants agreed to investigate these tools further and post their findings in a forum.

(Source: Office Hours 9/25/2023 )

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