Exploring New Concepts and Use Cases for Database Locking

This State Changers meeting discussed the concept of database locking, specifically within the context of a platform called Zana, potentially identified as Xano. The concept is important to stop things like race conditions - if two transactions are made at the same time, the system could get confused, leading to faulty data. The lock ensures transactions are handled one at a time, even if both were done simultaneously, preventing the issue. They related this to a real-world example of inventory management, where transactions should be locked when inventory updates happen to avoid conflicting data entries. If while updating the inventory (or performing a similar action), a third party could potentially make database changes that would disrupt the process, the lock is necessary. The key takeaways were the explanation and significance of database locking and the practical scenario it relates to, which could be sales or inventory transactions. Any changes made during the database transaction lock should not interfere with the locked process.

(Source: Office Hours 9/29/2023 )

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