Exploring New Pricing Structures and Scheduling Challenges for State Change Pro Members

The meeting among the State Changers primarily revolved around the discussion of their shifting pricing strategy and the structuring of their office hours. Some key concerns brought up were over overcrowding of office hours due to increasing membership and its potential impact on the quality of support.

A suggestion was made for a 'Turbo Pro' feature offering more access for a temporary period, particularly beneficial when working on a complex client project. There was also the proposal for an 'Agency-specific model' for handling unique project needs, which received positive feedback. Timing of office hours was specified as a critical concern, and the need for them to cater to diverse schedules was brought up. This aspect was seen as more crucial than increasing the number of hours offered. Attendee participation was seen to depend more on the timing than the number of office hours. Subsequently, the conversation shifted to learning methodologies, where a preference was noticed for a step-by-step learning approach before diving into fundamental concepts. This discussion also touched upon resources like online courses and books that can supplement learning. The idea of a future comedy video was also mentioned. No specific platforms or tools were discussed during the meeting.

(Source: Office Hours 8/30/2023 )

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