Exploring No-Code Tools: Comparing Xano, WeWeb, and Flutterflow

This State Changers meeting was primarily focused on discussing the benefits and concerns of using "No-code" platforms such as Xano, WeWeb, Webflow, and Flutterflow. One participant shared their experience with these platforms, highlighting that Xano provides excellent support and comfort to partners. However, they also shed light on the static nature of WeWeb, a tool that generates code that runs directly inside the browser.

The participants discussed the negligible impact of front-end tools on compliance issues, with the primary focus being on back-end data handling and securing it. They affirmed that Firebase (provided by Google), which works with Flutterflow, offers a secure backend. A significant part of the discussion revolved around what to do if a No-code platform goes under. The participants agreed that one could quickly hire a developer to manage the exported code or switch to a different platform, highlighting the adaptability advantages of No-code. The value of No-code was championed, with its benefits such as cost-effectiveness, speed, and enabling domain experts to create technical products without extensive technical experience. Further, it was emphasized that the business should still abide by traditional compliance rules even when using such technology. The handling of Excel in a no-code environment was questioned, with the suggestion that third-party services could be used to convert Excel to JSON and vice-versa. Overall, the meeting conveyed the growing popularity and efficiency of no-code platforms, albeit also discussing potential risks and challenges.

(Source: Office Hours 5/29 )

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