Exploring Novel No-Code Tools at the Paris NoCode Summit

The State Changers had a meeting where they discussed the concept of 'NoCode' tools. They attended a NoCode Summit in Paris and are planning to give a talk. They focused on unusual 'NoCode' tools such as a software being offered by a company which connects cloud-based workflow management with an office printer. This tool, which integrates with solutions like Zapier, is designed for law firms and other companies that need to create physical documents in their workflow. Although cloud-based services can easily handle tasks such as composing documents, they usually cannot deliver printed documents. This service aims to solve this by using a cloud-based API to allow users to control their printers remotely. This solution helps businesses like law firms automate more operations that have in-house results. The relevant keywords from the list appearing in the conversation included 'Zapier' and 'Make'.

(Source: Office Hours 10/10/2023 )

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