Exploring OAuth, Xano and Stripe for Efficient User Authorization and Ecommerce Transactions in Nonprofit Funding

The State Changers discussed OAuth (Open Authentication), Stripe, and Xano during their meeting. They considered the need for stronger authentication methods when dealing with financial transactions, particularly in an ecommerce setting. In the case of artist and nonprofit transactions, the suggestion of a modest membership fee was discussed to facilitate verification of identities and prevent potential spoofing.

A main area of focus was how to manage transactions without directly using participant technology. The idea of utilizing third-party services like Stripe or Paddle was proposed. These services could handle the transactions and send notifications through webhooks to selected endpoints such as Zap for notification. The transaction data could be used in Xano to match the purchased item with the correct artist, nonprofit, and purchaser. David, a participant, was interested in incorporating OAuth for the verification of artists and non-profits. The team discussed the differing needs for security measures depending on the scale of the user base, suggesting that in cases where there weren't many users, familiarity between participants may provide better security than automated systems. They agreed that automation was more beneficial when dealing with a larger consumer base, and personal attention was more effective when dealing with a smaller institutional base. They also stressed the potential misuse of hacked data, mentioning that stealing money via a hacked website should not be possible in their setup, as they plan to handle financial transactions outside of the website. They also discussed the need for personal verification in the case of financial transactions to prevent fraudulent activity. The discussion ended with a reminder of the sensitivity of crypto transactions and the constant security vigilance they require.

(Source: Office Hours 10/10 )

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