Exploring Object Structures and Data Manipulation in Xano and Wizd

In this meeting, the State Changers participants discussed challenges and solutions related to using the program Xano. A significant portion of the meeting focused on the issue of creating and adding sets of data to an object in one row of a database. The State Changers pondered about the dimensions of the fields that would hold the newly created data, deciding to use an object structure as it ensures alignment in field properties over time.

The group then strived to understand and solve certain fitting problems arising from using Xano for adding an awareness stack into a mission, where the awareness stack consists of several objects. They explored two ways to create object structures, 'JSON field' and 'object field'. They elected to go with the 'object field' which resulted in better structuring and validation. Later in the discussion, another issue came up pertaining to Wizd not being able to identify the correct item in an array when a specific button was clicked. To solve this, the notion of using a variable was suggested, which would hold the ID of the array element to be tracked after the button click event. These significant discussions about Xano's functionalities and problem-solving strategies constitute the primary takeaways from this meeting.

(Source: Office Hours 12/16 )

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