Exploring OpenAI Usage and Implementations for Project Development

This meeting involved a group of State Changers discussing and sharing their experiences and challenges with using OpenAPI for various applications. Key topics discussed include the complexities and potential of this technology, how it differs from other coding and services, and how it's being applied in different areas.

Justin mentions using the text DaVinci model for analyzing menu item data. Anthony explains his two-fold application of OpenAPI: firstly, condensing a six-month course creation process by breaking down and reconstructing course components, and secondly, leveraging the system for company assessments and question generation. George talks about using OpenAPI to generate written content for financial advisory firms. He mentions that it's primarily used as part of their service delivery with a requirement for manual processes, involving copywriters to work around the content. David expresses his interest in understanding OpenAPI's capabilities before jumping on the "steep end of another learning curve." Carrie uses OpenAPI to write first drafts of her content and JavaScript, and shows an interest in signing up for the $20 per month for Chat-GPT like many others in the meeting. Kumiot mentions using a GPT app and discusses the implications, strengths and limitations of the technology, such as its potential in predicting sports outcomes. The discussion hints at an underlying concern over the proprietary and monetization aspects of using existing models and API linking through prompt engineering. It suggests an interest in sustainable business models that incorporate this technology without building a 'wrapper on a race to the bottom'. Evan talks about exploring the difference between the prompts and the model and how to incorporate a unique or proprietary model into the chatbot he is planning to build. He demonstrates a level of confusion about how the database gets passed into the 'prompt'. Overall, this meeting is useful for anyone interested in understanding how OpenAPI is being utilized in different industries, the possibilities and limitations of this technology, and the need for a business model that prevents obsolescence and promotes uniqueness.

(Source: Office Hours Extra - OpenAI 2/10 )

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