Exploring Optimization of Data Caching and Writing for Improved Performance

The State Changers meeting revolved around the optimization of data storage and retrieval, particularly in the context of maintaining and updating player data. They discussed alternatives to the current system which involves repetitive writing operations to update each stat for a player. To streamline this process, they considered restructuring to a more player-focused table, where all the player's stats would be updated in one atomic write operation, significantly reducing the number of writes. They mentioned Xano, but did not discuss other platforms or tools like WeWeb, FlutterFlow, Zapier, Make, Integromat, Outseta, etc. Additionally, they touched upon issues with Xano claiming 'timeouts' while the system was still writing data. The group planned to continue the discussion in successive meetings to decide on the best approach for future optimization.

(Source: Office Hours 11/23 )

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