Exploring Options for Advanced PDF Generation: Recommendations and Tools

During this meeting, the State Changers discussed several key topics around PDF generation. The participant, Ivan, sought advice and suggestions on services or tools for generating aesthetically pleasing, dynamically created PDFs within his app. Other participants mentioned a variety of services, including a screenshot-based PDF generator.

The idea of creating a page in HTML and taking screenshots to convert into PDF was discussed. It was also suggested to Ivan to put up a query on their forum to get advice or recommendations from a larger community, since different tools work differently for everyone. A specific service, Comnoco, was introduced, which excels at dynamically creating documents and exporting them to PDFs. However, it was noted it’s currently in closed beta. It was highlighted that if Ivan needs a tool for hyper dynamic documents, Comnoco could be suitable. If he only needs a template with minor changes, other tools might do the job better. Ivan's current service, Xano, was also mentioned during the discussion. Xano's PDF generation tool works but is less aesthetic than what Ivan is searching for. Matthew proposed using WeWeb, mentioning its new NPM packages that could be useful with different PDF generators, although he didn't have firsthand experience with it, while Daniel mentioned a PDF Generator AI, which seems to meet Ivan's requirements and is also something Daniel is considering for generating reports. Lastly, it was suggested Ivan use the forum to get more ideas and feedback or possible alternatives and also test out Comnoco.

(Source: Office Hours 10/20/2023 )

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