Exploring Options for Xano Application Migration to Microsoft Azure

The State Changer named Anthony is dealing with an interesting problem regarding his application's compatibility with Microsoft and Azure. Currently, his application utilizes the Xano platform, which is default to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) rather than Azure. This creates an issue with potential involvement and support from an office called Microsoft for Africa.

He's wondering about his options for moving his instance to Azure under Xano's enterprise plan feature, "bring your own cloud". However, it was pointed out that switching to self-hosting with Xano can be quite expensive and might require maintainance on his part. Other concerns are slower performance due to hosting reliance on vendor services which may be unacceptable in some situations. Three suggested options for his scenario were: taking the Xano platform and wrench it away; using a self-hostable platform and using it wherever required; or seeking out other back-end platforms that live on Azure. It was pointed out that the most worthwhile work done with Xano so far isn't about Xano, but about learning how to articulate business needs into API form. Two suggestions that could be self-hosted and experimented with were SuperBase and NoCodeDB. Anthony also considered the option of keeping Xano and pushing data from Xano to Azure, then building services on top of that. It was stated that Azure provides excellent APIs for their services, and this could offer a compromise for Microsoft's involvement. Lastly, it was stressed the importance of adopting an "one-to-two-hour" approach to experimenting with new platforms to prevent a waste of time and identify potential mismatches quickly. Through this quick testing, a lot of useful information could be gathered without a huge investment of time.

(Source: State Change Office Hours 9/28/2023 AM )

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