Exploring Platform Limitations and Scalability: A Discussion on Adalo, Xano, and Flutterflow

The State Changers discussed their experiences, advantages, and limitations regarding various platforms, specifically Adalo, Xano, and FlutterFlow. They explored Adalo's simplicity and user-friendly UI as valuable for beginners, but also expressed concerns about its scalability and potential limitations for more complicated projects. Tools like Xano and FlutterFlow were discussed as more robust, with the latter being acknowledged for its code exportability and big user base.

One participant, developing a real estate project, raised concerns about large dataset management, specifically ingesting significant volumes of real estate listings. The State Changers replied that Xano may not be the best choice for extensive data analysis and recommended services like Google BigQuery. They explained that using different pieces of technology for various needs (front end, API, sources of truth, analysis tools) can make the whole system more efficient. Moreover, a slight discussion took place on wireframing tool 'Justinmind' for the design and visualization of front-end interfaces before the building process. This tool was implied to be helpful in communicating ideas to developers. In conclusion, the meeting provided useful insights into Adalo, Xano, FlutterFlow, Google BigQuery, and Justinmind. If you are a beginner exploring no-code platforms, dealing with real estate data, or looking for design visualization tools, it would be helpful to watch this meeting.

(Source: Office Hours 3/28 PM )

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