Exploring Polling Webhooks with Xano and Zapier

Meeting Summary:

The primary topic of this meeting was a discussion around using Xano, webhooks, and Zapier to create a polling webhook. Brian, one of the State Changers, was looking to pull a webhook from a tool called Sales Connector instead of pushing it out, which is the usual usage for webhooks. Ashley guided Brian through setting up his polling functionality using Xano's tools. They first created an external API request, then set up a function to pull the webhook incoming to this endpoint. They demonstrated how to design it as a function at first for testing purposes, then later convert it to a 'background task' to perform the webhook functionality. The function they created gets the result from the API request, saves it in a variable, and then checks if it has seen this response before by hashing the payload. If the response is new, the function adds a record to a collection. They also created a background task to run this function every minute. This way, new responses are logged constantly, helping to build up a library of data from the webhook. It was noted that the approach used here is somewhat novel and could have potential stability issues. Ashley advised Brian to monitor the situation and check if he's collecting the data as expected. Technologies and tools mentioned include: Xano, webhooks, Zapier, Sales Connector, API request, background tasks.

(Source: State Change Office Hours 6/15 )

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