Exploring Puro: A Useful Tool in Managing Flutter Versions

The State Changers meeting focused primarily on the discussion of Flutter Version Manager (FVM) and a tool known as Puro, which the participants found more efficient. Puro was described as a simple and fast tool for Flutter developers when managing different Flutter versions. It can be installed with a simple copy and paste command on Mac, after which Git is installed using brew. Participants discussed how to create and use a Flutter project with Puro, making sure to note that Puro could occasionally conflict with other Flutter versions and suggesting solutions to this issue. Moreover, it was advised that a new terminal should be opened after using a curl command in Puro in order to refresh the environment variables. This discussion was deemed insightful, particularly for developers seeking solutions around version management in Flutter. It was also mentioned that Puro was recommended by a Google Developer Expert in the Flutter dev community.

(Source: Deep Dive Flutterflow Native Package 8/30/2023 )

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