Exploring Push Notifications: WhatsApp & PWA Integration with Xano and FlutterFlow

The meeting between the State Changers focused primarily on discussions about push notifications and messaging platforms used for them. Key areas of discussion included:

1. Push Notifications: The functionality of delegates for push notifications was discussed, specifying the role of a server-side and client-side in this regard. They clarified that apps like Xano, being server-side, can push the notification. In contrast, client-side applications like FlutterFlow would be responsible for receiving it. 2. Messaging Platforms: Participants talked about various messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and SMS, and how these could be used to send push messages as an alternative if native push notifications prove to be complex. This is based on the fact that if users already have an app on their phones that can receive push notifications, one can piggyback onto that. 3. Progressive Web Application(PWA): The discussion also involved the use of PWA. As these are just websites, they suggested that notifications can contain a URL/URL shortener which, upon a click, will open up the respective app to offer a near-native experience to the user. The platforms and tools mentioned in the meeting include: Xano, FlutterFlow, WhatsApp, and Google.

(Source: Office Hours 9/29/2023 )

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