Exploring React and Tailwind CSS Dependencies in Code Sandbox

The meeting was between two participants referred to as State Changers. They were discussing the process of installing dependencies and handling documentation in relation to Tailwind CSS and React apps. This involved distinguishing between Tailwind CSS and Tailwind UI, which is a paid product that provides components built out of Tailwind CSS.

The discussion further delved into the environment for developing a React app, where one participant wished to understand Tailwind CSS installation for basic React app creation better. The participants examined a Tailwind playground on CodeSandbox for insights, given that the second participant was not experienced with CodeSandbox. They further covered the use of Node package manager (NPM) and Yarn for handling dependencies in a Node.js setup, explaining how CodeSandbox provides a user interface as an alternative to running command line tools. Towards the end of the meeting, they discussed the trade-offs between staying with Webflow or moving to CodeSandbox for building web applications. This led to the understanding that CodeSandbox is more geared towards learning and developing rather than publishing. Webflow was identified as a more robust platform for deploying websites, while React is a powerful tool for development. The meeting ended with a contemplation on the upcoming changes and trends in how development workflows will likely evolve, with an emphasis on the increased role of tools like GitHub Copilot for autocomplete functionalities and how AI will increasingly assist in the coding process.

(Source: Office Hours 10/26/2023 )

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