Exploring React as a Low-Code Tool and its Integration with Xano

This meeting involved a discussion between various State Changers about software development and best practices, focusing heavily on the use of React and Xano. The participants mentioned the development of a Chrome extension designed to aid in working with Xano and React, describing this as a significant upcoming tool for those involved in state change.

Other key discussion points include: 1. Challenges associated with integrating the tool with the 'Monaco Code Editor' from Visual Studio Code. 2. The participant shared insights about creating simple React applications quickly, mentioning previous hackathon experiences employing this approach. 3. The importance of choosing tools that enable rapid development was emphasized, recommending others to select no-code tools if they are not experienced with React. 4. The idea of 'tool shopping' was introduced, suggesting developers explore and choose the tools that best suit their current skills. An offer was made to share their React code base, enabling others to understand what a React app looks like under the hood. By contrast, super complicated applications were mentioned as not being worth the investment. The participant also alluded to their unexpected journey into JavaScript development. The meeting ended with the plan for a sidebar discussion after office hours about this subject.

(Source: Office Hours 4/3 )

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