Exploring React vs JavaScript for Finance App Development: Data Interactivity and Tool Selection

The meeting started with a discussion about the development of a finance app, particularly about the functionalities and interoperability of JavaScript and React. The State Changers concluded that React would be more advantageous for complex data relationships and interactivity. The app's functionality may depend on immediate response and impact, which React handles very efficiently.

In regard to building with React and other tools, experiments with React were encouraged for better understanding and informed decision-making. However, it was evident that no one tool would provide a complete solution and there would be a need to use multiple tools. For instance, Webflow and WeWeb were also mentioned as potential valuable tools in the process due to their simplicity and ease of use. An important point raised was to leverage AI assistance for code generation, with the recommendation of choosing the tool depending on the specific application and individual project requirements. This mindset allows developers to get the best out of each tool and make an effective combination. A good suggestion made was to limit the time spent on exploration and focus on achieving a proper understanding of each tool for problem-solving, instead of trying to master every tool. In the end, this strategy fosters more productivity and efficiency. One important clarification provided was that all React sites are single-page applications (SPAs), implying that the entire code runs on a single page. However, the State Changers also clarified that this doesn't imply you can't have a multi-page application where one page is running React, a common occurrence. In conclusion, learning different tools, including React, and understanding their specific capabilities were encouraged. This allows for more informed decisions that can optimize project execution. Furthermore, it was suggested that application development would benefit from a combination of no-code tools, AI-assisted code generation, and visual editors.

(Source: Office Hours 5/23 Extra: ReactJS )

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