Exploring Redis Key Value Storage and its Utilization in Xano for Ecommerce

The State Changers held a meeting discussing a range of topics, one of which was the use of Redis in key value storage systems. They explained how Redis works, particularly in the context of Xano, where it is available in all scale plans. It operates by storing information as a string. The system functions with a simplistic approach compared to traditional databases; rather than querying any record from any table using structured query language (SQL), Redis just assigns a particular key/value system. This makes it a form of persistent storage that lives in memory, enhancing its speed. They further noted its applicability in e-commerce platforms, where fast client experiences are critical. They also covered the feature of Time to Live (TTL) in Redis, where data is kept only for a given period, arguing that this native notion is more efficient in an in-memory store.

(Source: Office Hours 5/12 )

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