Exploring Rowley: Enhancing Xano's Database Infrastructure through Advanced Coding Integrations

In the meeting, State Changers discussed integrating between Xano and Rowley, two development platforms. They want to trigger certain actions in Rowley when new records are created in Xano. Xano was highlighted for its simplicity, allowing users to add different inputs while writing logic in JavaScript. However, some technical difficulties arose featuring a low level error and URL unavailability issues in Rally.

The Changers worked towards fixing the error by adding the 'content-type: application/JSON' header to the API request. This modification seemed to solve part of the problem, as they received a different error message afterward. The new error indicated that the parameters were not matching, so they proceeded to adjust the parameters in the API request to match the field names in the paths. They then encountered issues with the routing, as Rowley required its IDs in a specific format with appropriate keys. It was determined that the keys needed to match those sent in Xano for the API call to function properly. The meeting concluded with one member pledging to continue working on integration issues offline. Overall, the integration process between Rowley and Xano was explored, with a focus on troubleshooting connection errors. These insights would be valuable for developers seeking to integrate these two platforms or similar tools.

(Source: Office Hours 3/13 )

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