Exploring Self-Hosting Solutions and Connectivity Issues with WeWeb, Xano, and Realway

The State Changers in this meeting discussed various tools and strategies, particularly focusing on web development approaches involving WeWeb, Xano, and GitHub. The conversation centered on the benefits and challenges of self-hosting and how to best leverage these tools to create efficient and effective websites and applications.

The State Changers explored the roles of front and back-end services in WeWeb. They acknowledged that WeWeb is primarily a front-end service that generates JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, with only a few features connecting to the back end. One participant mentioned that while WeWeb has made efforts to improve its compatibility with Xano (an authentication system), using WeWeb for back-end functions is not its main strength. The State Changers also discussed the usefulness of Realway for hosting and how it can connect with GitHub, but also shared some issues about deploying via Realway, particularly with port variables and 403 errors. Lastly, the State Changers touched on strategies for solving problems step by step, advocating for a methodical approach when dealing with technical issues, especially when deploying applications. They suggested returning to the basic settings to override any complexities and experiment again. Based on this overview, this meeting would be of interest to developers working with WeWeb, Xano, and GitHub, particularly those considering self-hosting options.

(Source: Office Hours 10/6/2023 AM )

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