Exploring Solutions for Better Control and Maintenance of JavaScript-Based Webpages with CSS and Zano Integration

During this State Changer meeting, David presented challenges he was facing with maintaining, editing and having control over a JavaScript-based project. He was having trouble with HTML layout and inconsistencies in CSS styling like an offset element and texts appearing different from development tools. James advised him to use "WeWeb" ("we") for better control and simplicity. They discussed how WeWeb allows greater control over CSS and manageable design within workflows. James recommended using a version two of the web application, even though it may require extra payment ($19 per month), highlighting that there's greater loading speed among other improvements.

James briefly walked David through his simpler setup on WeWeb and offered to help get him access to WeWeb's version two. David agreed, appreciating the potential time-save and the miles it could save him from headaches to spend $19 per month. David showcased a mobile-responsive design he was trying to implement, using QR codes to redirect users to browser-based visual content. Participants were impressed with his idea and spent time discussing its implementation. Other tools mentioned in the conversation include "Xano," and "Swiper."

(Source: Office Hours 10/31 )

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