Exploring Solutions for Content Management and SEO Optimization with Bubble and Webflow

In this meeting transcript, the main topic was how to add rich text editor functionality to a Bubble application, specifically incorporating tables into a documentation section. Two solutions provided were the use of a more sophisticated content management system or the use of Markdown syntax. Markdown was explained as a simpler markup system that could create tables, headers, and lists which could then be translated into HTML using a probable Bubble plugin.

Another element discussed was if Webflow could help with the problem of integrating tables into the rich text of a Bubble app. Webflow wouldn't directly solve the problem but is mentioned as a better choice when it comes to SEO performance, making it a better choice for creating static websites. Comparatively, Bubble was noted as not being optimal for SEO as it tends to dynamically load content, which is slower and doesn't work well for SEO. Google Docs or PDFs was offered as another workaround, by just storing the links in the database, especially if SEO is not a primary concern. However, the downside is it doesn't perform well for SEO, making it a less desirable option if that's a significant consideration. Lastly, the state changers discussed the pros and cons of using static vs dynamic parts of a webpage, and how they affect SEO. The role of Webflow in creating static sites for better SEO and Bubble’s comparative weakness in this area due to its dynamic nature were reiterated in this discussion.

(Source: Office Hours 11/4 )

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