Exploring Solutions for Customizable Email Content: An Examination of HTML, Rich Text Editor, Markdown, and Other Tools

This State Changers meeting primarily revolved around the discussion of how to allow non-technical users to make edits to email content before it's sent through an API. The participants discussed various tools and methods such as using simple HTML, rich text editors like Quill or TinyMCE, or deterministic editors like markdown. The main concern was to ensure readability and functionality of the emails while still allowing for user customization.

They discussed risks associated with different methods and the trade-off between simplicity, complexity, and user intent. They touched on the idea of using Postmark's approach of showing the HTML to the user, and also considered allowing users to write in plain text and then wrapping that text with simple HTML during sending. A proposed solution was to introduce a delay and manually checking the emails if users wanted to make significant changes. This would also allow the participants to gather data about what kinds of changes users prefer to make, which would be valuable for future development decisions. They also explored the idea of using Gmail or Google Docs as the editor. Overall, the participants emphasized the importance of making decisions based on evidence and user feedback, especially in the scope of an MVP. They considered that the majority of users might not make edits, hence it is crucial to understand the needs of the user base before making significant investments.

(Source: Office Hours 9/29 AM )

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