Exploring Solutions for Endpoint Creation and Boolean Value Updates in Xano

The meeting had the State Changers participating in a technical discussion about integrating an endpoint with a database, specifically focusing on Boolean values. They attempted to create an endpoint to update various records in a database depending on their Boolean states using Xano, a powerful back-end tool. The complexity of trying to update specific attributes without modifying the whole data entry was recognized.

The State Changers highlighted that although it seems like a straightforward task to only make selective edits, it presents complex logical issues which often require backend solutions. They resolved this by using Xano to manage this complexity, noting that this is where Xano excels as it handles data manipulation effectively. They advocated for Xano executing more tasks and, in turn, reducing the responsibility of the front-end. The State Changers also discussed the use of filters and shared their perspective that while filters can help create a cleaner, concise code, they can sometimes obscure what's happening in the logic, which may lead to mistakes or confusion. Thus, they agreed that it's not necessarily bad practice to have a 'tall' stack or long code as it provides more explicit information about what is going on within the logic. The State Changers concluded the meeting by acknowledging that to successfully update selective fields in the data, it's necessary to follow the pattern they discussed during the session.

(Source: Office Hours 9/15 )

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