Exploring Solutions for FlutterFlow and Xano Integration Problems

Meeting Summary:

The State Changers meeting involved an in-depth discussion about coding issues, including a specific issue faced by a participant. The meeting centered around the optimization of code in 'FlutterFlow' and 'Xano'. The discussion delved into issues with JSON values in relation to FlutterFlow, where numbers are seen as integers as well as floating points, causing some difficulties in capturing the intended criteria. A workaround was proposed and implemented by hacking Xano to slightly modify the value of numbers, which addresses most concerns. The speaker raised the advantages of making changes on the backend, Firebase, to avoid pushing new builds, a process that's becoming tedious. The code review was intended to ascertain if there were any missing pieces or potential improvements in the implemented solution. The meeting ended with agreement on the code review, making it an important discussion for those working with FlutterFlow, Xano, Firebase, and dealing with issues related to JSON values and Dart type safety.

(Source: Office Hours 10/18/2023 PM )

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