Exploring Solutions for Reward Points Redemption in Firebase and Make Applications

The State Changers' meeting revolved around discussing an app they are developing where users earn reward points by returning recycled goods. The focal point of the discussion was about handling the feature where users redeem their points, with an emphasis on improving security, maintaining simplicity, and managing transactions without the need for an additional database.

Several solutions were suggested for the above challenge. Firebase Functions using JavaScript were considered a good start, and Make was proposed as another option. The benefits of using Make include being able to store API key stuff, authenticate with Make local code, and update the database(Firebase) from there automatically. The app's unique use case of redeeming points for money - which goes contrary to the usual flow of making payments - was noted as a challenge. To address this, a custom API call within Make was considered. The discussion also looked into the possibility of using Xano, a no-code backend platform, as it would ease the process of managing the transactions while all authentication and other major functions could continue on Firebase. The State Changers finished the meeting with an action plan to explore these potential solutions more, before deciding on the best approach. Keywords mentioned in the meeting: Firebase, Make, Xano.

(Source: Office Hours 2/24 )

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