Exploring Solutions for SOAP API Integration: Challenges with Xano and Implementation Strategies

This meeting of the State Changers discussed intricacies of working with different APIs, focusing on the differences between SOAP and REST APIs. It was clarified that SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), although designed to be a comprehensive XML-based method of communication, can pose unique challenges for no-code solutions like Xano, which work more seamlessly with REST APIs using JSON. The solution explored involved creating a bit of code to act as a proxy service, communicating with the SOAP API and delivering it to Xano via a REST protocol.

Further, the meeting also highlighted the process of finding the IP address of Xano, which is crucial for whitelisting it with certain services. They showed how to do this using the terminal to ping the server and record the IP address returned. The group also deliberated on potential improvements, especially regarding Xano's functionalities, projecting that Xano's Lambda capabilities might be enhanced in the next 90 days. Once this occurs, they discussed the possibility of handling everything in-house, eliminating the need for an external API. Finally, the meeting also explained the concept of Mobile Money Payments popular in Africa and discussed the challenges with card payments in the region. They explored the strategy of connecting to telecommunication companies through APIs to facilitate these payments more easily.

(Source: Office Hours 12/23 )

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