Exploring Solutions for Troubleshooting Authentication Issues with Xano in Bubble App Development

In this meeting, the State Changers focused on addressing problems related to working with local storage in Bubble and managing user authentication via Xano. During the session, they walk-through scenarios that involved reading and writing data from Bubble local storage, chaining authentication processes, and producing bearer tokens for authorization.

Despite being successful in storing the authentication token in the local storage, the team faced challenges when retrieving this data for use in the authentication flow. Although the local storage seemed to contain the correct data, there was a discrepancy when fetching and leveraging this data. This became evident in Xano's responses, which highlighted a missing bearer token in the request headers, implying that the authentication information from local storage wasn't correctly getting passed into Bubble memory. The State Changers experimented with various aspects of the process, including modifying dynamic data, adjusting authorizations, and stripping back steps in the workflow to isolate the issue. The problem was still unresolved at the end of the session, suggesting that the issue may lie within the local storage plugin in Bubble or how Bubble interacts with local storage data. The meeting concluded with a plan to explore the use of other Bubble plugins for local storage, to better understand and find a solution to this problem. The discussion was technical and centered around the tools Bubble and Xano, making it particularly relevant for developers working on user authentication and data storage with these platforms.

(Source: Office Hours 1/12 )

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