Exploring Solutions to API Limitations and Inconsistencies in Zano

The State Changers meeting addressed a key issue about API limitations and handling API headers in Xano. A query was raised concerning how to efficiently handle external API's that have a maximum number of request per minute and how to extract specific details from the API's response headers. The issue highlighted challenges with the API headers changing positions and the default limit offset by 30 seconds.

In response to this, one of the State Changers gave a detailed walkthrough on Xano explaining how to use data manipulation with various functions and filters to better control and extract the API response header's data. They demonstrated how to use the 'find first element' function to locate data within the headers array, then 'split', 'pop', 'trim', and 'to_end' filters to clean and convert the extracted data to a number. It was emphasized that manipulating and parsing header data could be complex due to inconsistencies in the data structure and order. The State Changer also suggested that when dealing with more unreliable APIs, it might be necessary to wrap API calls in a custom function to handle retry logic for better resilience. The solution provided aimed to alleviate the problem, with a caveat that the exact implementation might need to be adjusted according to the specific API's response pattern. Towards the end of the discussion, the State Changers also explored the possibility that the misaligned timer issue might be due to the API source's unreliable data transmission method and proposed to enhance the adaptive measures for such scenarios. The team concluded the discussion appreciating the insightful question that led to revealing key insights about handling API headers in Xano.

(Source: State Change Office Hours 9/28/2023 PM )

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