Exploring Solutions to JavaScript Function Execution within HTML Context

In this meeting, the State Changers group discussed the issue with a JavaScript search function that is not working when called from a button in an HTML setup. They discussed various methods for fixing this issue, delving deep into the context in which the function is called. They mulled over whether the function was defined within another function, its location inside the JavaScript file, and why it might not be available through the HTML, despite being accessible via console.

Much of this meeting involved troubleshooting execution errors, trying different methods such as updating on-click functions and replacing elements dynamically. Other discussion points included minimizing the creation of HTML in JavaScript and making things easier to navigate by minimizing dynamically created HTML when possible. A significant portion was also dedicated to the use of HTML data attributes and jQuery, highlighting their importance for storing and transferring information easily. Several potential solutions were suggested and tested, with varying levels of success. By the end of the meeting, the group leaned towards using data attributes and a button for an easier navigation experience. Keywords mentioned: HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, "click event", "on click", "console", "data attribute", "search function", "global scope", Webflow, "scope", "anchor tag", "dynamic HTML".

(Source: Office Hours 11/18 )

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