Exploring Sorting and Filtering Techniques in Querying Locations and Votes

This meeting focused on the State Changers' discussion around the handling, sorting, and filtering of data records within their platform, with specific focus on a feature called 'votes'. The conversation was technical and revolved around query processing and data algorithms. Key discussion points included sorting data in descending order, updating variables, the application of filters, and optimization of pagination. The dialogue also included applying 'sortBy' on numeric values, integrating 'location' and 'votes' data, as well as performing 'group by' operations by using aggregation. Finer details of debugging, validity of data, and flattening output were also discussed, which led to an improved and sorted dataset based on votes. The meeting was concluded with an assurance to resolve some pending issues in upcoming sessions.

(Source: Office Hours 7/7/2023 )

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