Exploring Strategies for Complex Financial Modeling and Reconciliation

In this meeting, the main participant, Camir, discusses his financial modeling calculator and the need for a reconciliation mechanism. He wants to take his calculator to the next level by incorporating objects and a mathematical structure that can be reconciled. Ray, the host of the meeting, suggests breaking down the problem into smaller pieces and using a functional programming approach. He advises Camir to focus on inputs and outputs and separate concerns to manage the complexity. Ray also mentions the two approaches in software development, object-oriented programming and functional programming, and suggests that a functional approach may work better for Camir's use case. He encourages Camir to experiment and discover what works best for him. Camir also asks about optimizing his solution once it is working, and Ray advises him to focus on performance bottlenecks that impact the overall user experience rather than optimizing every aspect of the solution. The meeting concludes with Camir expressing gratitude and the participants expressing that they have no further issues.

(Source: Office Hours 6/27/23 )

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