Exploring Stripe for B2B Software Billing and Tax Handling Considerations

The State Changers discussed about the different options for setting up billing for a B2B software's graph. The participant was considering choosing between Stripe, Paddle, and Chargebee. The main point of discussion was the merits of Stripe over others, and the considerations for sales tax.

Stripe was praised for its powerful ability to manage billing, payments, fraud and maintaining visibility better than its competitors. However, a concern raised was the fact that Stripe does not provide built-in support for taxes unlike Paddle or Chargebee. If the service is subject to sales tax, the user will need to manage that on their own which could potentially lead to a tax liability in different states. After addressing the participant's questions, the meeting rounded up with an open call for any other questions. The meeting offered useful insights into the use of Stripe for payment processing and the considerations required for handling sales tax, which can be helpful for those looking for solutions in similar domains.

(Source: Office Hours 6/19 )

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