Exploring Superbase: Comparisons, Scalability, and SOC 2 Compliance

The State Changers discussed the scalability factor of SuperBase compared to Xano. They also discussed the price points of SuperBase and how it's reflected in their SOC 2 compliance level. They clarified that having a SOC 2 compliant vendor does not mean the application inherits this compliance, but it's a requirement for an application to be SOC 2 compliant. The importance of SOC 2 compliance for businesses working with large enterprises like health insurance companies was highlighted as these enterprises are often legally required to have such compliance in place. An interesting point made was that being SOC 2 compliant could be likened to a 'virus', as it spreads out and mandates other businesses you interact with to also have similar certifications. It was noted that SuperBase offers varying levels of security guarantees based on the price point chosen. To remain SOC 2 compliant, the $600 subscription would ideally be needed.

(Source: Office Hours 11/2/2023 )

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