Exploring the Advanced Capabilities of Wizd and React for Drag-and-Drop Interfaces and Complex App Development

The State Changers in this meeting focused on the interaction of various platforms and tools for creating more precise, effective web tools and applications. They discussed the capabilities of software like "Xano", "WeWeb", and "React", examining how these tools could interlock.

New features such as cursor tracking and event-driven actions were discussed, specifically in how they would allow for creation of more dynamic website elements such as drag-and-drop interfaces. The participants spoke about the possibility of using these tools in combination to create complex applications, with "Wiz" serving as a framework or "scaffolding" for interactive applications built with JavaScript. The concept of "composition" was brought up, highlighting the necessity of not only picking the right components, but also understanding how to smartly assemble them to create effective web tools. They suggested tools like "React Flow" for managing intricate modalities and improving user interaction. There was a focus on Webflow's upcoming support for embedding React as a potential game-changer, turning Webflow into the puppet master controlling various components like "React" or "Redactor". The participants agreed on the future-oriented methodology of carefully selecting and integrating existing tools rather than building everything from scratch. They stressed the importance of understanding not just what can be done, but what is most efficient in terms of tool use and composition, to achieve the desired outcome. This meeting provides great insights for anyone interested in platform interoperability, tool composition and development with "Wiz", "React", "JavaScript", "Webflow", and other related software.

(Source: Office Hours 11/1/2023 )

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