Exploring the Implementation and Utilization of AutoSize in WebFlow

This meeting among the State Changers tackled the issue of a malfunctioning text box that didn't expand appropriately. They discovered a possibly suitable solution from JS Deliver, concerning 'wrapped standard elements'. The problem at hand was integrating this solution into their existing code.

This led the participants into a discussion about the use of Autosize for this purpose. They found documentation for Autosize, a topic they had previously come across but didn't have a complete understanding of how to integrate into their code. The conversation highlighted the importance of keeping older posts for future reference. A significant part of the meeting was spent on navigating the Autosize documentation and implementing the solution into their existing web flow code. Finally, they implemented the Autosize code successfully into their system, stating that Autosize had 'done its job'. The group was also reminded to check the documentation for any tools they might come across while handling similar issues in the future for better understanding. Towards the close of the meeting, Sylvan voiced future plans to delve into data manipulation issues with XANO, which had been causing some trouble. The meeting concluded with some light-hearted banter about basketball teams.

(Source: Office Hours 5/1 )

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