Exploring the Integration of Flutterflow with Pipedream for Improved Webhook Configuration and Payments Processing

The State Changers discussed their ongoing project focused on a custom action module in FlutterFlow that was migrated to Pipedream to maintain uninterrupted functioning of the connection as opposed to Firebase, which asks for reconfirmation every few days. They debated how to configure their PayPal (merged with the Venmo API) for payment. They ultimately decided to dynamically generate identifiers and the amount from the JSON body content of a Post method in Pipedream, forwarding this to the Paypal API which transfers the amount. The Changers also noted setting up a webhook triggering an update in Firestore, the database that was used. Problems were solved by trial and error, improvements made using JSON Validator, and the exchange of money was successfully carried out. Other tools mentioned include Xano, which was touted as proficient at managing complex structures within the header.

(Source: Office Hours 5/18 )

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