Exploring the Integration of Xano, Firebase, and Flutterflow for Improved Sign-in Process and Business Logic Handling

This meeting revolved around a detailed discussion about integrating the functionalities of Xano, Flutterflow, and Firebase for better business processes. Participants discussed how Xano can control the user registration process in Firebase during the sign-up process. They examined how this approach provides a single source of truth for each functionality, with Xano managing the business logic and Firebase handling authentication.

They explored the possibility of exchanging JWT ID tokens between Xano and Firebase. Although the login processes for Flutterflow and Firebase using JWT were deemed a technical demo, the benefits of this integration were noted for the sign-up processes and operations outside Flutterflow. They concluded that the best approach involves using the native login systems of each platform where possible and funneling these through Xano for business logic. Moreover, they deliberated potential issues with refresh tokens when a user logs in through different platforms. Whilst one participant believed that this should revoke the previous session's refresh tokens, another suggested that this behaviour is not inherent to all systems and proposed testing to definitively answer this query. Key terms mentioned include Xano, Flutterflow, Firebase, JWT, authentication, and business logic. This meeting exemplifies thoughtful exploration and problem-solving around effective service integrations.

(Source: Office Hours 8/21/23 )

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