Exploring the Integration Structure between Zano and B Post for E-Commerce Transactions

In the meeting, the State Changers discussed the complexity of managing data and executing orders for their ecommerce business model. They used a tool called 'Zano' to connect with an inventory management system called 'b post'.

The main topics discussed involve the organization of the transactions using the table feature available in Zano. They questioned the data inputs necessary to generate XML files representing transactions to be sent to b post. The participants debated whether the current table they implemented was correctly capturing their orders, or if they were mistakenly merging inventory and order data into a combined table. The insights identified from the meeting suggest that the team needs to differentiate between inventories (product listings) and orders (requests from customers about the product). A proper differentiation would help in streamlining both the business processes and the XML generation for b post transaction purposes. In the future discussion with Christophe, one of the main members, the participants are set to clarify these points, ensuring a shared understanding of their data organization. The plan is then to revisit the 'Zano' platform, ensuring it captures the correct data for XML generation for b post transactions. The overall goal of this meeting series is to demystify the process of creating and sending orders using technology and to continue developing their skills in this area. Keywords mentioned in this meeting include: "Zano" and "b post".

(Source: Office Hours 7/13/2023 )

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