Exploring the Optimization Techniques for Flutterflow Simulator Using Lambda Functions

In the meeting, State Changers discussed extensively about the process of developing an application using Xano and Lambda. They recommended creating a dummy app to handle push notifications and to use Lambda instead of filter reduce. However, if Lambda is invoked too often, it might not save you time as hoped, and it's crucial to consider how often you'll be running Lambdas and the impacts of that frequency on your project.

The topic then shifted to problem-solving and breaking down large problems into smaller, manageable tasks, with a continuous call for accountability. The State Changer underscored the importance of understanding the system they are building, using different mediums to express complex ideas, and isolating components to better understand them individually. He also suggested resorting to the use of Google Sheets API, Microsoft Excel API, or forms such as Typeform for input/output interactions. A significant part of the meeting was also dedicated to understanding market requirements, with emphasis on the distinction between 'technical learning' and 'what the market requires', underlining the importance of ensuring that the features being built coincide with what would provide actual value to the customer. Towards the end, an accelerator program was discussed that could help participants gain deeper, more concentrated learning and support in their app-building journey.

(Source: Office Hours 9/5/2023 )

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