Exploring the Usage and Management of JSON Modules: A Conversation with Andy from Weblytica

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed various aspects of handling JSON Modules and improving efficiency in data manipulation. They tackled issues such as parsing JSON, setting and retrieving variables, and using filters to acquire specific data. The functionality of Make was explored, highlighting its usefulness in enabling operations on multiple forms within a single scenario.

One participant, Evan, sought clarification on handling complex uses of JSON, such as finding the first element in an array that matches a condition. Andy, a noted expert, provided insights on how to leverage parsing JSON and creating filters to execute this. He also shared how to use the increment function for scenarios with numerous matching values. Andy highlighted the advantages of sometimes not reaggregating data if only one value from an array is required. He mentioned QuickBooks as an example, pointing out how summing up values of individual line items could sometimes only require a total or subtotal line. Furthermore, they discussed the complexity of Notion's API and how it often requires iterating and aggregating raw JSON data. Advanced topics also involved setting and retrieving variables, with Andy demonstrating how he used Make to monitor multiple forms on a website and consolidate the process into one scenario. Finally, Andy invited the participants and viewers to connect with him on his website, Weblytica.com, and his YouTube channel, where he shares tutorial videos and useful resources regarding Make.

(Source: Make Secrets with Andy O'Neil 9/20/2023 )

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