Exploring the Use and Security of Stripe Connect and Xano in Web-based Payment Systems

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed the implementation of Stripe Connect for handling payroll for teachers on their platform. They highlighted the importance of detailed documentation to prevent Stripe Connect from appearing as a potential money laundering system and to mitigate any regulatory risks.

There was also a discussion about the exposure of a webhook on the frontend of Webflow to drive OpenAI prompts via the Make platform. The participant noted the perceived security risk associated with this webhook exposure, especially since crucial API keys are exposed. They concluded with a member considering using Memberstack for membership management, eliminating WIS, and using Xano's backend. There was mention of potentially needing to rethink their tech stack based on their understanding of the tools, their technical skill, the capabilities of the tools they use, and what they want to offer their customers. Keywords mentioned include: "Stripe Connect", "webhook", "Make", "Xano", "OpenAI", "API key", "Memberstack", "security risk".

(Source: Office Hours 4/28 )

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