Exploring Usage and Optimization of Local Storage for Seamless User Experience

This meeting focused on a discussion between the State Changers about the usage and functionality of local storage regarding it's 'Pick'em or Underdogpants' feature. The meeting begins with a demonstration of how local storage works, keeping track of user data and selections, even when there's no internet connection, hinting at a seamless user experience.

They then delve into the distinction between local storage and session storage and how the former plays a significant part in storing variables and maintaining responsive user experiences. They talk about integrating time limitations in the local storage to prevent data from becoming outdated and avoid unwarranted storage clog-ups. The conversation continues with explanations about how stored items are 'serialized', meaning they are turned into a series of bytes, most commonly strings. They talk about JSON encoding in detail, explaining how they turn multidimensional data structures into easy-to-store strings. The usage of this method in their work via Wiz is also acknowledged. For the 'Pick'em or Underdogpants' website, data is checked in the local storage every time the page loads. Towards the end of the discussion, they compare and differentiate local storage from cookies and session storage, mainly from a GDPR standpoint. The conversation concludes with advice on understanding the regulatory considerations around using cookies for auth tokens in Wiz. The State Changers advise seeking more informed counsel on this topic as the implications may vary based on individual circumstances.

(Source: Office Hours 2/16 )

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