Exploring User Authentication and Security with Xano and Google

During this meeting, the State Changers discussed various topics notably about application development and security protocols. The primary subjects touched upon included user authentication integration in web applications and the necessity to implement secure practices.

Key software tools highlighted in the conversation were Xano, Google, Bravo Studio, and Auth0. A substantial portion of the discussion revolved around integrating the above-listed tools for web development and establishing fortified user authentication protocols. The significance of Xano was emphasized for the implementation of Google authentication while also segregating the processes of user and app creator authentication within Xano. The integration between Bravo Studio and Auth0 was also under discussion, shedding light on how the process flow leverages tokens exchanged between them. The group also examined the importance of organizing secure online environments by strategies like time-bound tokens for user identity verification while keeping sensitive user data like biometrical information outside of their control, to prevent possible breaches. It was suggested that using services like Google and Stripe that are equipped with strong security measures is better than trying to manage security with the company's database. In conclusion, the meeting emphasized the importance of focusing on fast and secure development, even if it means spending more on technology. It was agreed upon to avoid storing sensitive data, optimize for speed, and improve margins later. Additionally, towards the end of the meeting, the possibility of implementing features such as picture button, following other users, comments, phone calls, and emails in the application was discussed.

(Source: Office Hours 8/17 )

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