Exploring User Interface Capabilities: Custom Components & JavaScript for Enhanced UI Control

In the meeting, the State Changers deliberated the potential of expanding user interface capabilities beyond standard no code tool components, with particular reference to JavaScript and Vue.js. They talked about their quest to add unique, interactive features to the front end of a grid interface by creating bespoke components that extend beyond traditional features such as calendars and progress bars.

The State Changers discussed the complexities and connectivity of these components in detail. They raised the concept of adopting a 'hacker mentality' to extract more efficient results from WeWeb and other similar platforms. Emphasizing the importance of teamwork, they suggested a division of labor, where one member builds a component and another implements it. A large portion of the discussion circled on manipulating the user interface on the back end for a unique front-end experience by using key jQuery tools for spreadsheets and charts. The State Changers also touched upon the importance of understanding users’ needs before committing to substantial development work. The JavaScript code was considered for integration either fully (with a custom pane) or partially using a 'hacker mentality'. While the idea of full integration with custom pane offers significant UX advantages, it was deemed more prudent to test and validate the need before actual development. jQuery’s extensive utilization and its integration with Webflow was further discussed in this context. The State Changers appreciated the role of JavaScript, especially for event handling and identifying UI components. They discussed how JavaScript evolved over time, with a considerable portion of jQuery's functionality being incorporated into its core. Detailed discussions on the usage of the ‘query selector’ followed. The importance of the DevTools to test theories was further emphasized. In summary, the meeting was an extensive technical dive into new ways to implement greater user interface capabilities using JavaScript, Vue.js and WeWeb. The discussions revolved around adopting a hacker mindset, finding efficient implementation methods, and understanding user needs before making significant development commitments. Workshop-like discussions on the use of ‘query selector’ and DevTools were a significant part of the conversations.

(Source: Deep Dive - Javascript for Low-Code 8/2/2023 )

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