Exploring User Management Strategies in Xano and Outseta: Archiving vs Deleting Users and Considering White Label LMS Options

The State Changers had a detailed discussion about user management, especially geared towards handling deletions and archiving of users using Xano and Outsetta. They explored the potential consequences like creation of new user IDs if a user gets deleted and added again. To mitigate this, an archival strategy was suggested that preserves a user's record for either audit trails or in case the user wants to recover their account. This eliminates the risks such as accidental deletion with no recourse for recovery, litigation risks, and potential user conflicts. The duration of archiving could range from twelve days (for undo risk) to a year (for litigation risk), depending on the business needs.

However, adopting the archival strategy means updating every endpoint to only fetch users that are not archived or deleted, which is a bit manual and could introduce complexity. As a solution, they proposed to create a single function or preprocessor function that can be used in all appropriate scenarios. Towards the end of the discussion, participant queried about white-labeled Learning Management Systems (LMS) like Teach floor as an alternative to building an LMS. The group suggested tapping into the community for recommendations via a forum post.

(Source: Office Hours 10/23/2023 )

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