Exploring Ways to Maximize No-Code Platform Use and Transitioning Toward React Development

In this meeting, State Changers discussed the limitations of no-code platforms like WeWeb, specifically intending to incorporate more sophisticated UI components for their needs, such as AG grid or Kendo UI. The conversation revolved around how best to integrate custom, coded extensions in a no-code environment, aiming for an improved visual experience.

State Changers also explored the topic of transitioning from Javascript to React, fully focusing on recognizing the right time to shift. The difficulties faced with self-learning platforms like Udemy were considered, especially the long learning hours and setup complexities for mastering React. They considered a potential need for a more comprehensive no-code solution for React. The discussion in the meeting was also centered around how to avoid rabbit holes or pitfalls while building an application, both in terms of the back-end or front-end selection. The recommendation given was to primarily focus on what can help developers move faster and become more efficient. Lastly, the idea was broached of possibly using prebuilt components in a coding environment, with tools like Tailwind UI, once comfortable with understanding the code scaffolding. State Changers urged each other to keep growing in their knowledge and skills, as it was acknowledged that their current selves would pale in comparison to what they'd become after a month of continuous learning and experience. This meeting would be interesting for anyone wishing to understand the challenges of merging no-code platforms with sophisticated UI components and grappling with the learning curve associated with transitioning to React.

(Source: Deep Dive - Javascript for Low-Code 8/2/2023 )

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