Exploring Web Development Solutions: Bubble, Xano, WeWeb, and OpenSearch for Real Estate CRM

The meeting main topics revolved around application development, data management, and performance optimization. The State Changers discussed various tools and platforms, including "Bubble", "WeWeb", "OpenAI", "Firebase", "Google", "Xano", and "Airtable". A key issue in the discussion was the limitations experienced with using Bubble for app development, leading to exploration of possible alternative solutions such as WeWeb.

One of the State Changers shared their current project: a data platform with CRM integration for real estate, initially built in Bubble. Data sourced from OpenSearch was integrated into the application, though performance issues were encountered, particularly regarding pagination. The objective was to test the migration of this Bubble app into WeWeb due to performance and flexibility concerns. Data latency, page speed, and responsiveness were all key areas of concern. They worked on making database columns dynamic and were seeking a means to make this process efficient in Webflow. A significant part of the discussion explored ways to bind and format data in relation to user interface and experience. A lightweight approach was suggested, such as utilizing the "easy" show/hide feature and JavaScript in WeWeb. The integration of AWS into the backend was also highlighted. The State Change suggested that using WeWeb as a "middle-ground solution" in transitioning from a minimum viable product to a full-fledged product, ensuring smoother migration and less time spent rewriting frontend infrastructures. The discussion on the use of Xano offered pros and cons, with advantages such as easing the setup process and transfer of development tasks. However, the considerations around storage management, where s3 buckets or equivalent solutions were suggested for heavier data. The State Changers agreed that it's crucial to balance the technical and the user experience aspects of development, with a focus on delivering value to customers while optimizing resource use.

(Source: Office Hours 3/20 )

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