Exploring Webflow and Wiz for Customized State Management in Web Applications

The State Changers have a meeting discussing website development, particularly in the context of using different tools and platforms like Bubble, Webflow, and Wiz. One participant, being a Webflow user converted from Bubble, is looking for ways to replicate a model in Webflow that was easily implemented in Bubble. Specifically, he is trying to create a custom state similar to a shopping cart within Webflow.

A participant suggests managing the state locally with Javascript, using Wiz for state management, and updating the state as each action is performed in the web application. This would keep the web app responsive as all operations would be done client-side and would only require to send data back to the server during 'auto-save' moments, thus providing a faster user experience by leveraging the power of the client's machine. The meeting further delves into the need for choosing the right development tools, which varies depending on use-cases and the dynamics of business needs. The discussion emphasizes constant adoption and iteration with tech advancing so quickly and the useful perspective of fostering a good relationship with toolmakers for better product insight and capability understanding. Lastly, a discussion about creating a fuzzy search function locally with Wiz occurs, leaning towards client-side filtering for faster results. Thus, the general takeaway from the meeting is a focus on effective state management, the dynamic choice of development tools, and improving user experiences by leveraging client-side processing power.

(Source: Office Hours 12/29 )

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